Accepted - foxerelly's app

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Accepted - foxerelly's app

Post  Guest on Sat May 10, 2008 3:44 pm

Main Job and Level: whm, rdm, brd 75
Other Jobs/Subs and Level: pld 58 and dnc 53 all other jobs under 50

Dynamis Wins: city area's
Are you past CoP 3-5: yes 4-2 i believe Razz
Artifact II Obtained: cleric's pantaloons, cleric's duckbills, bard's roundlet, and bard's cuff
Dynamis Experience: some

Have you read our rules and will you follow them? yes and yes
Are you able to attend Dynamis on a regular basis? if no, explain? yes unless my schedule changes.
Are you able to come prepared with medicines and RR? yup
Are you okay with taking R1 when needed? no! j/k yes im fine

If applicable, why are you leaving your current Dynamis LS? um it broke
What do you feel Linkaga can do for you? learn new places, meet new people, new gear, and the most important thing teach me how to be a good player or should i say better player.
What do you feel you can do for Linkaga? help raise the dead and cure the living ^.^.

How did you hear about Linkaga? rofel


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Re: Accepted - foxerelly's app

Post  Lefty on Sat May 10, 2008 7:34 pm



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