How Dynamis in Linkaga works

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How Dynamis in Linkaga works

Post  Lefty on Thu Jul 30, 2009 8:52 pm

We no longer support relic upgrades, if you would like to upgrade a relic weapon you must do so on you own.

Every active member has an account that accumulates gil if you show up for runs. How does this work? We sell all currency and the profits are divided between the members on that current run. Every member will maintain a minimum balance of 100k in their account, this is to keep members from attaining a negative balance. How do i get a negative balance you ask? If you are late or leave early, 10k is deducted from that runs profits from your account. Once a member reaches 200k in their account, they will receive their payment due, while maintaining a 100k balance. So the more you show, the more you make. We will soon be selling AF as well. Seacoms will be set 30 min prior to entry to determine which AF will be sellable (means nobody wanted to lot those pieces). We are still working on this atm but basically how this will work is this..... If you find a buyer than you receive 10% off the top of the sale. The remainder of the sale is split equally among members on that run including you. If you arrive to a run late, you can not lot on sellable AF. Like i said, we are still working on this part.... more to come.... Now, points. You receive 1 point if you are in zone, seacom up, 30 min prior to enter. If not, then you receive 0 point. You receive 1 point if you complete the run, if not, then you receive 0 point. What are points for? Points are for lotting AF in Dynamis Xarcabard, the person with the most points gets priority on lot. Once you win a piece of AF from Dynamis Xarcabard your points reset to 0. I wanted to post this to keep everyone updated on the changes being made, as we progress this will be updated.


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