Genome's Application

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Genome's Application

Post  Genome on Sat Jul 04, 2009 2:06 am

Main Job and Level: BST 75
Other Jobs/Subs and Level: WAR 44 / WHM 37 / NIN 37(with Utsu:Ni)

Merits:1/5 BA, soon to be 2/5

Dynamis Wins:N/A
Are you past CoP 3-5:No
Artifact II Obtained:N/A
Dynamis Experience:N/A

Have you read our rules and will you follow them? Yes
Are you able to attend Dynamis on a regular basis? if no, explain? Yes. I am in the military, so sometimes i will not be able to attend depending on duty requirements. But for the most part, my schedule is stable.
Are you able to come prepared with medicines and RR? Of course
Are you okay with taking R1 when needed? Yup
What days can you attend? Tues, Sat, or both? Both

If applicable, why are you leaving your current Dynamis LS? N/A
What do you feel Linkaga can do for you? Introduce me to endgame activities
What do you feel you can do for Linkaga? Well, I have read that BST is not in great demand for Dynamis. Of course, I will do what i can for LS. War will prob be my next job to 75, or maybe BRD, which may be more valuable.

How did you hear about Linkaga? Through Sieka.


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Re: Genome's Application

Post  Lefty on Mon Jul 06, 2009 7:11 pm

Hi Genome, I'm sorry but BST is not a very useful job in Dynamis


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