Trial Member - Kononeko's Application

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Trial Member - Kononeko's Application

Post  Kononeko on Tue Jan 13, 2009 8:37 pm

Main Job and Level: Monk, 75
Other Jobs/Subs and Level: Cor, War, Sam all 75, /nin /war /thf /sch all 37+

Merits: Formless Strikes, Penance, Winning Streak, Snake Eye, Crit Hit 4/4

Dynamis Wins: All but Bubu and Tavnaz
Are you past CoP 3-5: yes
Artifact II Obtained: all of monk but head, legs and hands of war, hands of sam.
Dynamis Experience: 3 years+, with various linkshells, including but not limited to, Astral Flow, Astral Flow2, DynamisNet, and Visions

Have you read our rules and will you follow them? Yes
Are you able to attend Dynamis on a regular basis? if no, explain? Most of the times except for when work conflicts,
Are you able to come prepared with medicines and RR? yes
Are you okay with taking R1 when needed? yes
What days can you attend? Tues, Sat, or both? both most of the time

If applicable, why are you leaving your current Dynamis LS? N/A
What do you feel Linkaga can do for you? Cor AF body and Hat, other then that supply me with a good time two times a week.
What do you feel you can do for Linkaga? Be another body to throw at a mob, and sometimes Refresh and Dispel.

How did you hear about Linkaga? Eskimo, Ruffles, Largescythe, A forest in WoW, and that guy from Assassin's Creed. Oh and that person that I still don't trust >.>
PS. and because I can't believe I forgot, Anorexicfeline.


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