Accepted - Smallreaper- Application

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Accepted - Smallreaper- Application

Post  Smallreaper on Fri Nov 21, 2008 5:49 am

Main Job and Level: 75 Rdm/Blm/Sch/Pld

Other Jobs/Subs and Level: 75 Whm/Brd/Mnk/Thf. Subs: 37 Drk/Dnc/Nin/War
Smn 52, War 70

Dynamis Wins: Bastok, San d'Oria & Jeuno

Are you past CoP 3-5: CoP Complete

Artifact II Obtained: Melee Hose Only

Dynamis Experience: Only have done Dynamis about 4-5 times. Then stopped after that. Just didn't have the time to do dynamis.

Have you read our rules and will you follow them? Yes

Are you able to attend Dynamis on a regular basis? Yes if no, explain?

Are you able to come prepared with medicines and RR? Yes

Are you okay with taking R1 when needed? Yes. I keep My Exp capped most of the time

What days can you attend? Tues, Sat, or both? Both

If applicable, why are you leaving your current Dynamis LS? Had no LS Razz

What do you feel Linkaga can do for you? Get me into more Endgame experience thru dynamis. Since my experience is kind of low on the dynamis part of endgame. And after four years of playing i think i should try to get some AF? >.>

What do you feel you can do for Linkaga? Well i can give you this. A good experienced player, thru sky/sea Einhjar, Salvage, you name it. I've tanked, healed, nuked Big NM's lol. so i'm an all around player.

How did you hear about Linkaga? Rofel


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Re: Accepted - Smallreaper- Application

Post  Rofel on Fri Nov 21, 2008 6:31 am

um. YES

Windurst 10 RoTZ O CoP O ToAU O


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