Attendance Policy

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Attendance Policy

Post  Rofel on Mon Apr 14, 2008 4:06 am

Attendance will be collected at two points during a given run.
Once during gather at approximately 30mins passed gather time.
(I.E. 2:30pmEST Saturdays and 7:30pmEST Fridays)
Once during our exit from a given zone.
(I.E. Ten minute warning)

Each member will receive 1 point per collection time. Max possible 2 points per run.

In order to receive said point during gather time members must be within Invite range, not just on the Linkshell.
In order to receive said point during exit members must be present at the time of exit.

If you are going to be late you must /tell a leader before the run that day. Having a friend /tell is not acceptable.

If you are not in invite range because a Leader asked you to change jobs.
If you were excused to gather later than 30mins because of work/school/etc.

Additional Points:
We reserve the right to give additional points based on a number of situations, ie Mules, Special runs and/or actions by members.

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