Xarcabard Lotting

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Xarcabard Lotting

Post  Rofel on Wed Oct 08, 2008 5:06 am

::: Xarcabard Lotting :::

A member must be lvl 75 in the job they intend to lot.
AF or 100 MUST be in /seacom prior to enter or you will not get to lot.

You may choose 1 job to MAIN lot in xarcabard there will be no alternating lotting in xarcabard as of now.

The lots will go to those with the highest points. Points are collected per attendance policy.
Once said AF is obtained your points will reset to 0.

All 100's may be lotted for the cost of 5 points.
Only one 100 per member per Xarcabard will be allowed.

As with all other zones only 1 AF or 1 100 maybe obtained from this zone besides Free Lots.

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