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General Rules

Post  Rofel on Wed Oct 08, 2008 4:52 am

:::Dynamis Gather Times:::

Tuesday's 7pm EST
Saturday's 2pm EST

:::Static Fee:::

We have set a static fee for entering Dynamis with Linkaga.
All runs will be 10k each

We use a static fee so our members are able to lot 100's in city and Beaucedine Glacier zones.
In Xarcabard the first 100 to drop goes straight to the LS bank. 100's thereafter can be lotted by members.


All single currency is lotted for the linkshell bank.
Currency not currently being used for a members upgrade is sold to the general public to help fund our runs.

:::New Members:::

Members may not lot on their 1st run. This is their trial run.
Members may lot 100 on their 2nd run but not AF.
Members may lot AF or 100 from their 3rd on.

:::Final Thoughts/Comments:::

Please be aware that no set of rules will completely encompass every situation. There will always be situations were common sense will take priority. So please please listen to your leaders and have confidence in them we try and make this fair for everyone while also keeping in mind that nothing will make everyone happy. If you have concerns give a /tell in game or a PM here on the site no need to make everything public and open drama.

And on a final note we will NEVER, i repeat NEVER waste a piece of AF. If its someones first run in snow and a piece drops no one wants or all has then he/she that is new can lot it if its something they want. ie. loldrg

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