City Lotting Rules

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City Lotting Rules

Post  Rofel on Wed Oct 08, 2008 4:50 am

::: City Lots :::

City = Dynamis Windy, Sandoria, Bastok, Jeuno, and Beaucedine

Member must be lvl 71+ in the job they choose to MAIN lot or ALT lot AF

Prior to entering zone each member must have a /seacom up with the AF they intend to lot.
If your /seacom is not up you will not be allowed to lot.
(***Exception*** - if you experience connection loss and /seacom is erased during run)


Main Lot = AF (Ninja)
ALT Lot = AF (WAR)


Main Lot = 100
ALT lot = None

You may NOT lot 100 as ALT lot

If you choose to lot on your ALT lot, you can NOT lot on your MAIN lot if you win

If you choose to lot on your Main lot, you can NOT lot on your ALT lot if you win

Only one main/alt AF or 100 may be lotted and obtained per run.... exception being FREE lot only

See bottom "Free Lot" for rules.

:::Free Lotting:::

Free lotting comes about when an AF drops that no one has as their main lot or alt lot for a particular zone.
Leaders will call out when an AF is free lot. At that time if you wish to lot you may do so. It does not affect your main or your alt lot.

This applies to all zones.

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